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Genuine Fuji Xerox CT201213 Black Toner Cartridge III C2201 / C2200 / C3300 26,000 Prints

Brand Fuji Xerox Code XX201213 1 In Stock


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OEM Code CT201213
BrandFuji Xerox
Print YieldThe Fuji Xerox CT201213 Black Toner has an estimated print of 26,000 pages
Manufacture TypeGenuine
Product Type1x Fuji Xerox CT201213 Black Toner Cartridge III C2200 / C2201 / C3300 
Product Description

This Fuji Xerox CT201213 Black Toner Cartridge is especially designed for use in Fuji Xerox printers III C2200 / III C2201 / III C3300, ensuring that they produce quality printouts. This is easy to install so you can do it yourself.  

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The Fuji Xerox CT201213 is Easy to install in the fuji xerox photocopier and delivering an exceptional print quality time after time print after print frim your fuji xerox photocopier. Buying original fuji xerox toner and original fuji xerox CT201213 toner cartridges means supreme print quality and longer lasting performance of your fuji xerox III series photocopier. The fuji xerox photocopier uses toner + developer powder and by mixing them togather the fuji xerox photocopier is able to produce 100% nice print results. 

Item nameFuji Xerox CT201213 Black Toner Cartridge

Fuji Xerox CT201213 Genuine Black Toner Cartridge 26,000 Prints

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You are right, you guys are nicer! I wanted to thank you for an amazing customer experience yesterday. I received my items late yesterday afternoon, I was truly blown away.

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Our sales experience was awesome!!! Not only did you have great prices and an easy navigate website - the ink cartridges arrived way faster than expected. A big thank you to you and the team. We shall be back.

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